The difference contract is a complex trading tool, and it is risk of rapid losses due to leverage.

You should consider whether to understand how the difference contract operates, and whether you have the ability to bear the high risk of losing funds.

The difference contract is a complex trading tool, and it is risk of rapid losses due to leverage.

You should consider whether to understand how the difference contract operates, and whether you have the ability to bear the high risk of losing funds.

The difference contract is a complex trading tool, and it is risk of rapid losses due to leverage.

You should consider whether to understand how the difference contract operates, and whether you have the ability to bear the high risk of losing funds.

About Us

From our humble beginnings two decades ago, our vision has always been to bring a range of different asset classes together and make them accessible to as many people as possible. This is the InbaseTrader way.
Democratising markets, educating the public in financial literacy, and offering the ability to trade the world’s markets in an affordable and accessible way. We believe that trading is an activity that should be open to all and our mission is to level the playing field.

Who is InbaseTrader Yinghui

InbaseTrader is a company from the UK that has been engaged in hedge fund business for over 20 years. We are a financial institution with a rich history and professional strength, and our story began twenty years ago. From the beginning, our vision was to integrate various asset classes together, making it easier for more people to access them. Twenty years ago, we used our massive trading volume to arbitrage and seek large-scale price differentials in the market. Now, we are using our massive trading volume to democratize the market. Our goal is to activate the foreign exchange brokerage market, providing our clients with lower transaction costs and faster trading speeds.

We have come a long way in these twenty years of journey, but our mission remains unchanged. We believe that everyone should have equal access to the financial market, and we are committed to eliminating obstacles that restrict such access. Our hedge fund management experience endows us with unique insights and abilities, which we leverage to change the industry and better serve our clients.

Facing the future, we promise to continue to utilize our strong trading volume and professional knowledge to provide the most affordable and efficient trading solutions. Whether you are an experienced trader, a novice investor, or a financial institution, InbaseTrader is here to provide assistance for your success in the financial market.

At InbaseTrader, we offer more than just a service, we offer a partnership. This partnership stems from our commitment to creating value for our customers and is guided by the principles of inclusivity, professionalism, and customer-centricity at the time of our establishment.

The story of InbaseTrader is an evolving story, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a firm commitment to our customers. As we enter the next stage of our journey, we sincerely invite you to join us. Let's work together to make financial markets more accessible, transparent, and beneficial for everyone.

We hope you make a profit

That's right, you didn't hear me wrong. This is a sentence you may not hear from other foreign exchange brokers, but for us, this is our original intention. We hope you make a profit more than anyone else. As a broker based on Big data and hedge fund operation, your trading data and profits generated by trading liquidity are extremely important to us. We can only continue to enjoy stable income if we help you achieve sustained returns.

In addition, Yinghui is also a market liquidity provider. As a first-class Market maker and hedge fund company, our income never comes from customers' losses. We will never consider customer losses as a source of profit for the company. On the contrary, our goal is to enable customers to survive for a long time and profit from the market.

What we hope to create is a win-win situation: your profit is our success. Our philosophy is driven by customer success and achieved by providing professional trading services and comprehensive support.

So, when you trade in Yinghui, you are not only buying and selling, but also creating a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model with us.

Ultra high liquidity Prostitution

Of course, you are currently collaborating with the top liquidity company in the market, InbaseTrader. As a top hedge fund company, we execute billions of orders every day. This allows our clients to enjoy the same transaction depth and cost as most professional financial institutions on the market. Our goal is to give you an advantage from the starting line of competition.

We sincerely invite you to personally experience the depth and speed of our transactions. Even for large trades, InbaseTrader can close your order with almost no or very few slippage points. We know that every point is a cost, and every second is an efficiency. Therefore, we try our best to reduce costs and accelerate transaction speed, which will ultimately translate into your additional benefits.

We understand that winning in the trading market is not just about making the right decisions, but also about cost and speed. Therefore, we promise that by trading in InbaseTrader, you enjoy the highest transaction quality and the lowest transaction cost.

Come to InbaseTrader, let's work together to maximize profits at the lowest cost. Join us and embark on your journey of profitable trading.

Our History

The Milestones Marking Our Success


Founded in London.


Well protected customer assets during the global financial crisis


Received multiple industry awards


InbaseTrader Further enhanced market share


InbaseTrader company's 10th anniversary, with over $1 billion in assets under management and over 200000 customers


InbaseTraderPublish its own trading platform and analysis tools


Los Angeles and Toronto offices established


Collaborating with CTrader to become Asia's first partner


Fully enter the Asian market

Why InbaseTrader

Our History
In over 140 countries
Trustpilot score
Rated excellent based on 600+ reviews
Executed with razor-sharp precision

Our Values

We are committed to serving the retail trading community, providing all the tools and services required to make markets accessible to all.

Delivering the most secure environment for client funds

Offering the quickest execution and best fills


Providing world-class customer service

Educating traders to help them improve

Innovating to meet evolving customer needs

Committed to Sharing Knowledge

In addition to our ongoing drive to spread financial literacy by educating our traders through a variety of different media, our market experts are frequently found sharing their opinions and insights through in-person seminars, as well as regular features on Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN and CNBC, among other financial news networks.

Multi-Regulated Broker

InbaseTrader is also committed to ensuring that it is compliant with the highest regulatory standards, helping to raise the bar for the industry as a whole, while providing its clients the assurances that come when trading with a broker that’s regulated across different jurisdictions. At present, InbaseTrader is regulated by the ASIC、MSB and NFA.

The Safety of Your Funds is Our Top Priority

Negative Balance Protection

All client accounts are protected from negative balances

Regulated in 5 Top Jurisdictions

Regulated by the ASIC、MSB and NFA

Enhanced Insurance of Funds

Additional funds insurance up to $1,000,000

20 Years of Excellence

A pioneer in online trading since 2005

A State of the Art Trading Infrastructure

InbaseTrader offers a highly reliable and scalable trading ecosystem built on IBM cloud, delivering low latency and rapid execution across asset classes.

Execution time
Of orders
Executed at the requested price or better
Per second
Trade execution bandwidth